Don't Dribble Near Kawhi Leonard

Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard had himself a game last night, pacing his sluggish team to a win over the Clippers with 26 points, 10 rebounds, and three steals. Using his crazy-long arms and massive hands to snatch balls away from hapless dribblers has been Leonard's signature move since entering the league, and those… » 11/11/14 10:07am 11/11/14 10:07am

There's Something Off About This Sports Illustrated Cover

Above is the cover of this week's issue of Sports Illustrated, showing Kawhi Leonard skying through the air, his arm cocked back and ready to spike a dunk on poor Chris Andersen's head. There's a slight problem with this image, though. » 6/18/14 3:01pm 6/18/14 3:01pm

Kevin Durant Continues To Be Bad At Internet Feuds

Poor Kevin Durant is just so dang bad at the internet and feuds, mostly because he seems to have a gift for doing and or saying completely innocuous things that he later has to back down from because the internet is stupid. » 6/17/14 2:47pm 6/17/14 2:47pm

How The Spurs Rebuilt A Champion

The Spurs' title is yet another coronation for the old guys, a fifth championship for Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich and a fourth for Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. But if you really want to know how the Spurs keep doing this, it's worth viewing this title as something much more prosaic: It's the culmination of a… » 6/16/14 9:41am 6/16/14 9:41am

Kawhi Leonard's Putback Punctuates A Dominant First Half For The Spurs

The Spurs don't have an unreal shooting percentage tonight like they did in Game 3, but they still killed the Heat in the first half, 55-36. Kawhi Leonard's putback on Patty Mills's three attempt gave San Antonio a 22-point lead. So many sad, booing Heat fans. » 6/12/14 10:27pm 6/12/14 10:27pm

Kawhi Leonard, Who Is The Future, Ran The Blazers Off The Floor

If you didn't catch any of the Spurs' series-clinching win over the Blazers last night—yet another perfectly orchestrated, Spursian blowout—the only highlight you really need to watch is the one above. » 5/15/14 10:44am 5/15/14 10:44am

Kawhi Leonard Insults And Injures Mike Miller At The Same Damn Time

San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard elevated on Mike Miller and inadvertently(?) smacked him in the face as he threw it down. Womp. » 6/18/13 9:37pm 6/18/13 9:37pm

Kawhi Leonard Is 11½ Inches

News 4 San Antonio is really, really excited about the size of Kawhi Leonard's hands. So much so that they put together this graphic comparing him to the newsroom, without bothering to specify what they're talking about. » 6/28/11 11:05am 6/28/11 11:05am