Kazakhstani Soccer Games Are Apparently Played Underwater

This footage, from a match between Ekibastuz and Almaty in Kazakhstan's top league, has been making the rounds over the last day. Be it a due to a busted water main or a pitch tilted from the horizontal, give credit to the players for sloshing through adversity. (After first trying to throw in the corner. Rules are… » 3/08/13 10:00am 3/08/13 10:00am

A Ugandan Hero Is Trapped In London: Foreign Olympics News That Wasn't…

Deadspin and Gelf Magazine bring you the best (or at least the most interesting) foreign-produced journalism about the London Olympics. » 8/01/12 1:45pm 8/01/12 1:45pm

Here's An Adorably Vicious Hockey Brawl With 9-Year-Olds

Making the rounds today is this pro-quality brawl between two Kazakhstani U10 teams. If the biased YouTube uploader is to be believed, it began after the winning Astana team (in white) kept trash talking during the handshake line. What's Kazakh for "I can't believe I shook this guy's frigging hand?" [via Puck Daddy] » 12/13/11 1:45pm 12/13/11 1:45pm

This Flying Kick Got A Kazakh Soccer Player Banned For Life

This footage, taken during a post-game brawl on April 16 this year, has just turned up. It shows Kairat's Armand Masimzhanov delivering a brutal flying kick to a Lokomotiv player at the end of their match. Masimzhanov was banned for life from the Kazakhstan Football Federation for "terrible cruelty." Cantona rises… » 5/04/11 11:45am 5/04/11 11:45am

Lance Not Livestrong Enough

Lance Armstrong moved to second place in the Tour de France this weekend, but fell almost two minutes behind his teammate, Alberto Contador. Oh, the indignity of the wingman, fighting for scraps as his "partner" reaps all the glory. » 7/20/09 3:37pm 7/20/09 3:37pm

Have We Got The Job For You

I love this photo with every fiber of my being. Thank you, Meaningful Collateral, for making this day complete. However, there is also a rather amusing post that goes with it. For all of you job seekers out there: Your long search is over! Details follow: » 2/28/08 6:50pm 2/28/08 6:50pm