Titans Linebacker Keith Bulluck Serves Notice He's Coming for "Oucho Cinco"

Football players are so witty. You see the comedic work Bulluck is doing there? He added a vowel! The Titans linebacker is still stewing over Chad Johnson scoring a touchdown and celebrating with a television camera as a prop last season. So now Bulluck is letting Chad Ocho Cinco (nee Johnson) know that he's coming… »9/09/08 3:00pm9/09/08 3:00pm


Titans Haze Injured Rookies By Taping Them to Goalpost, Covering Them In Food

It's good to see that NFL hazing will never die. At least not until someone tears an ACL or suffocates while taped to a goal post. The Titans held their annual dizzy bat race for the healthy players »8/22/08 4:30pm8/22/08 4:30pm. But they reserved their true scorn for the players who were too injured to participate in the dizzy bat race. Namely,…