Keith Law Will Find You If You Repost His ESPN Insider Articles

As an ESPN Insider, Keith Law has his articles tucked behind a paywall. You need a subscription to get those MLB nuggets. A couple of Braves fans on Reddit who wanted to read about the latest trade tried to circumvent the Insider tag by posting the article for everyone to read. Law tracked them down and delivered some… »4/06/15 11:47am4/06/15 11:47am

Curt Schilling Stunned By "Anger, Hatred" From "Atheists/Liberals"

Last month, Curt Schilling took to Twitter to systematically dismantle the theory of evolution. Fellow ESPNer Keith Law respectfully offered up fact-based arguments against some of Schilling's more disingenuous or ignorant claims, and was suspended by ESPN for engaging. Now, Schilling has given his first public… »12/01/14 10:52am12/01/14 10:52am

ESPN Suspends Keith Law From Twitter For Defending Evolution [UPDATE]

Heavy-tweetin' ESPN baseball writer Keith Law has been noticeably silent for the last couple of days. That's no coincidence—he's been given a Twitter timeout by ESPN, and we're told that it's for loudly and repeatedly defending Charles Darwin from transitional fossil Curt Schilling, his Bristol colleague. »11/21/14 6:30pm11/21/14 6:30pm

ESPN's Keith Law Is A Fan Of Bad Spring Training Twitpics, Unless It Involves One Of His Bad Spring Training Twitpics

We told you two weeks ago about the hilarity that is Bad Spring Training Twitpics, the site that's collecting all the bad art being snapped by the cameraphones of the many baseball writers now roaming around spring training. That same day, Keith Law let his many Twitter followers know he was also a fan of the site's… »3/06/12 4:20pm3/06/12 4:20pm

Your Field Guide To The Assorted Kerfuffles Over Moneyball, The Movie

Moneyball, the long-delayed film adaptation of Michael Lewis's book about Paul DePodesta's TI-89 and Jeremy Brown's love handles, hits theaters next week. It's a big thing for baseball folks, because Moneyball helped bring a statistically inclined subculture to the mainstream. You'll notice this in writing—Bill James… »9/16/11 6:10pm9/16/11 6:10pm