Carmelo Isn't Interested In Your High-Fives

Call this a hunch, but it seems Carmelo Anthony wasn't too happy after the Lakers' 103-97 win over the Nuggets in Game 3 last night in Denver. Something about losing the fourth quarter by 14 points and fouling out on (another!) lazy inbounds pass. » 5/24/09 10:00am 5/24/09 10:00am

Kelly Clarkson, Drunk At A Red Sox Game Once Again

Here's a backward-hatted Kelly Clarkson and friends doing what true Red Sox fans do best: consuming beer and singing Sweet Caroline at Fenway. (Should it concern us that she's off key?). Hey, just be glad it isn't Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon. Red Sox Monster » 8/14/08 10:30am 8/14/08 10:30am, which seems to be a bit overly fascinated by the…