Kemba Walker Made Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Wear A UConn Shirt

Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist are Bobcats teammates, but tonight they were adversaries. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was one of Coach Cal's one-and-doners and Kemba Walker is a UConn guy. So they got together to watch the game and apparently made a friendly wager that Kidd-Gilchrist clearly lost. That's Walker's number… » 4/08/14 12:15am 4/08/14 12:15am

Why Is Danny Ainge Dicking Around On His Phone When He Should Be…

Last Wednesday, UConn and Kentucky faced off in the Maui Invitational Final. Kemba Walker had blown the tournament up in the previous games and saw his NBA Draft stock rising, so why was Celtics GM Danny Ainge so bored with the proceedings? » 11/30/10 1:45pm 11/30/10 1:45pm