Ken Block's Gymkhana 7 Car Is A Monstrous 845 HP AWD 1965 Ford Mustang

Take a 1965 Ford Mustang, Add a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8. Add a six-speed transmission. Add all-wheel drive. Add paint and bodywork that make it downright terrifying to look at. You get The Hoonicorn, Ken Block's ride of choice for the seventh installation of his Gymkhana insanity-fest. »11/04/14 3:16pm11/04/14 3:16pm

Ken Block's Trainer Sang The National Anthem At GRC New York

Late last night, the Red Bull Global RallyCross team in New York had a problem. The group originally slated to sing the National Anthem before the race just dropped out, and there was no backup. Left to scramble, Ken Block's personal trainer Kit Cope, mentioned that he could do it. So he did. »7/20/14 7:16pm7/20/14 7:16pm