Dodgers Fan Who Was Forced To Change Shirt: D-Backs Owner "Is A Bully"

A Dodgers fan whose friends and family faced the wrath of Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick for wearing blue shirts says the episode was the worst experience she's ever had at a sporting event and that it left her 7-year-old daughter "scared and confused." » 4/15/13 2:15pm 4/15/13 2:15pm

Dodgers Fans At Chase Field Forced To Change Clothes Or Move Seats

Some Dodgers fans decided to splurge on seats at Chase Field's Batters Box Suite behind home plate last night, an investment of more than $3,000. That kind of money doesn't buy respect, though, as they learned when Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick demanded they change their clothes or seek seating elsewhere. » 4/13/13 2:45pm 4/13/13 2:45pm