The Thunder, Pistons, And Jazz Made A Good Trade

The Oklahoma City Thunder are glad they got rid of Reggie Jackson. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are glad; the coach and front office are glad; the fans are glad. By all accounts, by the time they finally traded him yesterday, in a three-way deal that landed him in Detroit, the discontented backup guard had… » 2/20/15 1:55pm 2/20/15 1:55pm

Thunder Players Meet Up; Kendrick Perkins Wonders Why He Wasn't Invited

Three days ago, Hasheem Thabeet and a few Oklahoma City Thunder teammates—including Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka—hung out for some kind of outing. Thabeet posted a photo of the group on Instagram. That part isn't a story. Kendrick Perkins complaining about not being invited, however, is. » 1/02/14 8:54pm 1/02/14 8:54pm

Kendrick Perkins Kicked Joakim Noah Out Of The Thunder Locker Room

The Thunder are streaking, moving to 13-0 at home after winning their eighth straight overall, a clinical 107-95 victory over the Bulls. Chicago is sputtering, having lost 13 of their last 16. Pride and frustration are a volatile mix, and when Bulls center Joakim Noah entered the OKC locker room after the game, things… » 12/20/13 8:57am 12/20/13 8:57am

Kendrick Perkins Had A Historically Bad Playoff Run

If you want to find the most obvious reason that the Oklahoma City Thunder were unable to advance past the second round of the playoffs, your search will end with the words "Russell Westbrook." But Westbrook's absence wasn't the only thing holding the Thunder back. They also had a much bigger problem—literally if not… » 5/16/13 11:42am 5/16/13 11:42am

Kendrick Perkins's Follow-Through Is Just The Best

This Youtube video is titled "Kendrick Perkins YOLO follow through," and I honestly can't think of a better description. Perk doesn't take a lot of jumpers (he made two in last night's win over San Antonio, fulfilling Mayan prophecy), so when he found himself in space for his second, he wasn't about to discard… » 12/18/12 9:40am 12/18/12 9:40am

LeBron's Not Going To Apologize For Kendrick Perkins's Hurt Feelings

When LeBron tweeted about Blake Griffin's dunk destruction of Kendrick Perkins, it gave Perk a sad. "You don't see Kobe tweeting," he said. "You don't see Michael Jordan tweeting." You also don't see Kobe or MJ running to the media to complain that someone was mean to them on the internet. » 2/09/12 11:55am 2/09/12 11:55am

Kendrick Perkins Says LeBron Is "Always Looking For Attention" Because…

You will recall that Blake Griffin dunked on Kendrick Perkins not so long ago. One rarely dunks on a player of Perkins's height and reputed toughness, so it was a big thing. Kevin Durant said Griffin's dunk was not a dunk—making him the clubhouse leader in petulance—but here comes Perk himself! » 2/08/12 3:35pm 2/08/12 3:35pm

Kendrick Perkins Charged With Being Drunk-And-Disorderly In Texas

It's been a rough day and a half for Kendrick Perkins. First, on a Thursday night when the locked-out Oklahoma City Thunder big man was slated to host former Celtics teammate Rajon Rondo "at an autograph signing at the Mid County Chick-Fil-A restaurant ... to help raise money for the Port Arthur Lincoln Alumni… » 8/13/11 2:15pm 8/13/11 2:15pm