We've Been Spelling Kendry Morales's Name Wrong For Years

It's Kendrys, you see, but that last S was left off his Angels contract in 2004, and he just never bothered to tell anyone. To be honest, we will probably continue to get this wrong for years to come. [LA Times, via HBT] » 3/09/11 4:05pm 3/09/11 4:05pm

Kendry Morales's Brittle Leg Teaches Us A Valuable Lesson…

Someone in that Angels dugout is kicking themselves for not just simply wishing Morales "good luck" before coming to the plate in the tenth, instead of saying "break a leg." Ugh, that was terrible. I apologize. » 5/30/10 1:30pm 5/30/10 1:30pm

OK, Enough With The Contrarian MVP Crap

Joe Mauer is your AL MVP. Not Mark Teixeira. Not Kendry Morales. Not Derek Jeter. He is MVP by just about every standard imaginable except for the one applied by bored sportswriters who need copy during an inert pennant race. » 9/04/09 2:00pm 9/04/09 2:00pm