Kenneth Faried's Dunk Revealed The Demon Living Inside Nate Robinson

Kenneth Faried threw down a dunk during last night's game between the Nuggets and Bulls. It was a fine dunk, but backup point guard Nate Robinson thought it was a really great dunk, so much so that he briefly lost his wits while celebrating and revealed the dark spirit that is twisted around his eternal soul. Maybe… » 11/26/14 12:17pm 11/26/14 12:17pm

Mediocre Power Forwards Are Beefing Because Josh Smith Can't Shoot

The Denver Nuggets beat the Detroit Pistons 89-79 Wednesday night, behind Kenneth Faried's 22 points and 17 rebounds in a hyper-efficient 28 minutes. But after the game, he mostly wanted to talk about why the Pistons lost the game. Specifically, because of Josh Smith: » 10/30/14 11:06pm 10/30/14 11:06pm

Steph Curry Is Not Trying To Mess With Kenneth Faried

Stephen Curry was putting on a nice little run of dunks before last night's Blue-White scrimmage, but then Kenneth Faried one-upped him with a between-the-legs dunk. Curry, who was watching from behind the three-point line, makes like he's gonna give it a whirl but thinks better of it, cooly draining a three instead. » 8/02/14 5:20pm 8/02/14 5:20pm

Gerald Green Hammers A Lob On Kenneth Faried's Head

Without Kenneth Faried's defensive effort, the degree of difficulty on this alley-oop would not have been nearly as high as it is, so we thank him for doing his part to create a great NBA highlight. But, man, Faried should probably stop jumping near former slam dunk contest winners. » 2/19/14 9:26am 2/19/14 9:26am

Terrence Ross Posterizing Kenneth Faried Is Now An Awesome Animation

Terrence Ross' destruction of Kenneth Faried was one of the most stunning dunks of the year, so we had our pal Patrick Truby work his magic once again and turn the dunk into a work of art. This dunk should be enjoyed in every possible way. » 2/05/14 6:23am 2/05/14 6:23am

Kenneth Faried Kicked This Hole In A Wall After Last Night's Loss

"I hate to lose," Kenneth Faried told USA Today's Sam Amick after the Nuggets fell behind the Warriors three games to one. "I hate to lose more than I like winning." Translation: This poor bit of drywall in Oracle Arena's visitors locker room had it coming. » 4/29/13 12:15pm 4/29/13 12:15pm

Kenneth Faried And JaVale McGee Have A Block Party

It's tough to decide which block is more impressive. Kenneth Faried meeting Thaddues Young at the top of the square for a clean, devastating block is cool, but JaVale McGee just straight up snatching a hook shot out of the sky is also cool, and kind of hilarious. Let's call it a push. » 3/22/13 9:43am 3/22/13 9:43am

Dwight Howard's Shortcomings Were On Full Display Last Night

Dwight Howard finished last night's Lakers-Nuggets game with 15 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocked shots. That is a perfectly acceptable stat line, and it's the kind of line that Howard has been putting up all year. But last night's game also featured a collection of moments that served as reminders that despite… » 2/26/13 10:25am 2/26/13 10:25am

GIF: Kenneth Faried's Second Dunk

Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. » 2/16/13 10:49pm 2/16/13 10:49pm

"Shit!": A Surprised And Adorable Kenneth Faried Reacts To His Own…

Kenneth Faried had a monster game for the Nuggets last night, scoring 19 points and pulling down 19 rebounds in 36 minutes of action. After the game, a visibly exhausted Faried (playing like a rebound-hungry maniac will do that to you) took some time to give a postgame interview. At the 50-second mark of the video… » 1/10/13 12:20pm 1/10/13 12:20pm

Kenneth Faried Topped Off His Big Game Last Night By Vomiting And…

Kenneth Faried played 29 minutes last night in Denver's win against San Antonio, posting 19 points and 11 rebounds. All well and good. But consider: According to the Denver Post, Faried was sick with a cold and flu. He sat the final seven minutes of the third quarter before re-entering at the start of the fourth,… » 12/19/12 12:35pm 12/19/12 12:35pm

The Nuggets' Front-Court Is Going Viral

Late last night, word came down that the Nuggets had re-signed center JaVale McGee to a four year, $44 million contract. McGee will join recently acquired forward Anthony Randolph and forward Kenneth Faried, a rookie sensation for the Nuggets last year, in the team's front-court. None of these three players are… » 7/19/12 12:35pm 7/19/12 12:35pm

Kenneth Faried Appeared To Be Broken After Being Flagrantly Fouled By…

Kobe Bryant earned a flagrant foul call for this hit on the Nuggets' Kenneth Faried, a shot that—for a moment, at least—made some wonder if Faried would be able to return to the game. » 5/11/12 9:00am 5/11/12 9:00am

Rajon Rondo Goes No-Look, Over The Head, Makes Us Demand The NBA Come…

Playing for something called the Big Blue All-Stars, Rajon Rondo and friends (including Brandon Knight, Kenneth Faried and Jodie Meeks) are touring Kentucky, making fools of local college teams. In Monday's game, Rondo found Faried with a no-look lob that embarrassed Union College so hard, it came all the way around… » 10/13/11 7:15pm 10/13/11 7:15pm