Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Explains Why His Jerry Sandusky Investigation Took So Long

A lot of people are wondering why it took the better part of two years for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett to investigate Jerry Sandusky while Corbett was attorney general. Today, Corbett appeared at a Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon to offer some answers. A grand jury was convened around the summer of 2009 to seek an… »11/21/11 6:00pm11/21/11 6:00pm


Former FBI Director Louis Freeh To Be Part Of Penn State's Investigation Of Penn State [UPDATED]

Members of PSU's Board of Trustees made the announcement at a press conference this morning in Philly. Freeh led the FBI from 1993-2001 and now runs a private investigation firm. Unlike seemingly everyone else involved in the school's in-house inquiry, he appears to have no direct ties to Penn State or to The Second… »11/21/11 11:30am11/21/11 11:30am

Penn State's New Inquiry Into The Sandusky Allegations Has Even Less Credibility Than Initially Imagined

Luke mentioned Kenneth Frazier's own gift for whitewashing institutional malfeasance on Tuesday. Frazier, of course, is the chairman and CEO of Merck and the man in charge of Penn State's in-house inquiry into what happened in the Jerry Sandusky affair. But check out this little nugget from a lengthy story published… »11/17/11 4:45pm11/17/11 4:45pm

Penn State Hired Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier To Investigate The Sandusky Scandal Because Penn State Is Dumb

So Penn State now has PSU alum and Merck Chairman and CEO Kenneth Frazier looking into what went wrong in the Sandusky affair. Frazier more or less got Merck off the hook for endangering a lot of people with the company's crappy Vioxx painkiller. According to Snigdha Prakash at Slate: »11/15/11 8:05pm11/15/11 8:05pm