Charles Barkley And Kenny Smith Talk About Race, Ferguson, Eric Garner

Inside the NBA devoted the first ten minutes of their program Thursday night to Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith's disagreement on all things race, Ferguson, and Eric Garner. Earlier in the week Chuck went on CNN and various radio programs, playing his "contrarian just telling it like it is" role to a T. Kenny then… »12/04/14 8:43pm12/04/14 8:43pm


Rick Carlisle's "Dirty Bullshit Has Got To Stop" Led To An Inside The NBA Discussion Of Profanity In Popular Music

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle showed some frustration after Oklahoma City's 102-99 win over Dallas tonight, especially in regard to this incident between Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins, one that might look mild when compared with certain proponents of World Peace but an example of the physicality that has… »5/01/12 1:27am5/01/12 1:27am

The All-Star Shooting Stars Competition Will Be Lin-Less

Since Jeremy Lin has been shoehorned into the rookie/soph game, there's really no need for him in the Shooting Stars contest. But then, there's really no need for the Shooting Stars contest. You know the one: teams consisting of an NBA player, NBA "legend", and WNBA player take shots from different points on the… »2/17/12 2:20pm2/17/12 2:20pm

Before Blake Griffin Dunked Over A Car, Kenny Smith Had A Three-Minute Religious Experience

If you missed the NBA slam dunk contest on Saturday night, you not only missed Blake Griffin dunking over a silver Kia and some other confusing but exciting shenanigans — you also missed Kenny Smith, Griffin's "coach" for the evening, delivering a nearly three-minute long speech about obstacles and the power of… »2/21/11 2:00pm2/21/11 2:00pm

Charles Barkley Plays By A Different Set Of Broadcast Rules

Charles Barkley's impromptu, line-crossing NBA analyst technique is what endears him to millions and it continues to amaze me how much he gets away with on-air/off-court without any career-ending consequences. The latest installment: Last night's TNT broadcast where Sir Roundmound calls Kenny Smith "Numb nuts" and… »5/31/09 12:48pm5/31/09 12:48pm