What It's Like To Cover Screwed-Up, Despotic NFL Franchises

We're joined by the Washington Post's Redskins reporter Kent Babb. He also authored "Arrowhead Anxiety," which blew the lid off the Chiefs' front-office dysfunction, so he's uniquely equipped to discuss directionless football teams. Ask him anything you want in the comments below, and he'll try to answer before Tony… »1/14/14 1:00pm1/14/14 1:00pm


How Two Newspapers Wound Up Staging The Same Sob Story About The Ray Lewis Murder Case

Richard Lollar was one of two men killed in the 2000 Super Bowl week stabbing outside an Atlanta nightclub that led to Ray Lewis's pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. For 13 years Lollar has been buried in his hometown of Akron, and in those 13 years his mother Priscilla had never been to his his grave.… »1/28/13 2:20pm1/28/13 2:20pm