Anibal Sanchez's 17-K Game Trumped Even Randy Johnson's 1992 "Hammer From Hell" Game

If we can indulge in a brief moment of Welcome Back, Baseball — still early enough in the season, right? — it’s a joy to watch a sport that puts the ball in the hands of the defense. Virtually any other sport you care to name turns a defensive player into an offensive player as soon as he takes possession of the… »4/27/13 3:43pm4/27/13 3:43pm

Eddie Vedder, Chris Chelios, And Kerry Wood Hung Out To Sing Karaoke On Sunday

Aerys Sports alerted us to the existence of this video, allegedly taken during live band karaoke night at Stanley's, an establishment in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. It's Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and retired NHL defenseman Chris Chelios pairing up for a rendition of The Band's "The Weight," with … »5/21/12 5:30pm5/21/12 5:30pm

Here's Kerry Wood's Emotional Exit From Baseball, After One Final Strikeout

We reported earlier today Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is retiring from baseball, but the oft-injured hurler promised to make one last appearance before hanging up his cleats. That appearance came today, and it was in a legitimate spot; down 3-2 in the eighth, Wood relieved starter Jeff Samardzija and promptly struck out… »5/18/12 4:47pm5/18/12 4:47pm

Kerry Wood's 20-Strikeout Game Was More Impressive Than Either By Roger Clemens

The latest work from our old friend and baseball infographic expert Craig Robinson delves into the exclusive 20-strikeout, complete-game club, of which there are just three instances comprised of two members. (Sorry, Randy Johnson.) Looking at Robinson's visual interpretation of all three games, as well as doing a… »5/07/12 1:20pm5/07/12 1:20pm