Replacement Officials Actively Sabotaging Players In The End Zone Now

OK, so this was not on purpose, but is it ever funny. Here we have an official tossing his cap, which is not itself rare. However, Kevin Ogletree steps on the exact spot where the hat lands and he slips down, ruining the play. These things keep happening and we keep thinking of them as a perfect example of the… » 9/23/12 3:16pm 9/23/12 3:16pm

The Very Best Basketball Game You Will See For A Long Time

With no Summer League, a handful of NBA players have taken to regional pro-ams. The two biggest, out of DC and Los Angeles, have scheduled an all-star game of sorts, and today the rosters were announced. As reported by Pro Basketball Talk, » 7/21/11 4:55pm 7/21/11 4:55pm

Red Sox, A's Look Like They'd Rather Not Be In Japan

The Boston Red Sox and Oakland A's landed in Japan yesterday — their series starts Tuesday at 6 a.m. ET — after an 18-hour flight. We've never taken an 18-hour flight, but if we did, the last thing we'd want as soon as we got off the plane would be a bunch of photographers ready to take our picture. » 3/21/08 5:01pm 3/21/08 5:01pm