LeBron Calls Out Former Celtics For Being Hypocrites About Ray Allen

When Ray Allen took less money to leave Boston and come to Miami—and win a championship—he took heat from his former Celtic teammates. Kevin Garnett "lost" his cell phone number. Jason Terry challenged his "willingness to stick with the tough times." Paul Pierce said he couldn't forgive Allen. Even coach Doc Rivers the… » 10/18/13 11:01am 10/18/13 11:01am

Here Lies Boston Sports Guy: Bill Simmons Reacts To Celtics/Nets Trade

The primary gift and curse of ESPN's coverage of this 2013 NBA draft has been the presence of Bill Simmons, one full year into his mid-career renaissance as a talking head/typing head combo pundit. Getting the world's most vocal Celtics fan to react in real time to the Celtics trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for… » 6/27/13 11:44pm 6/27/13 11:44pm

Spend A Minute Listening To This Maniac Lakers Fan Scream At Kevin…

"Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!" he shouts. He finds that he enjoys shouting the word, so he does it again, "KevinKevinKevinKevin!" He slows it down, just to see what that might sound like, "Kevin!—Kevin!—KEVVINNNN!" Yes, that was nice. He stops. Perhaps he has pushed things too far, maybe one can only shout "Kevin!" so many times… » 2/21/13 12:45pm 2/21/13 12:45pm

Carmelo Anthony And Kevin Garnett Got Into Some Kind Of Scrum In The…

The Boston Celtics beat the Knicks in Madison Square Garden Monday night 102-96 and it sounds like Carmelo was pissed. The hostility began when Garnett and Anthony got into it a little bit in the fourth quarter during a dead-ball period that resulted in double technicals for the two. At the end of the game, Anthony… » 1/08/13 8:30am 1/08/13 8:30am

Kevin Garnett Wants To Know Why Gerald Wallace Is All Up On His Shorts

Given the pushing and shoving and tetanus shots the last time the Nets and Celtics met, you had to figure yesterday's meeting in Brooklyn wouldn't be played without at least some shenanigans. A Christmas miracle!—Kevin Garnett was involved. » 12/26/12 10:10am 12/26/12 10:10am

Kevin McHale And Kevin Garnett Shared A Tearful Hug After Last Night's…

As Kelly Dwyer noted, Kevin McHale and Kevin Garnett have been intertwined for a long time: McHale retired from the NBA in 1993, and was GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves only two years later. In the 1995 NBA draft, he made the seemingly risky decision to pick Garnett, an unseasoned high-schooler and the first player… » 12/15/12 11:20am 12/15/12 11:20am

Rajon Rondo Didn't Take Too Kindly To Kris Humphries' Foul On Kevin…

Celtics guard Rajon Rondo wasn't just going to sit back after this Kris Humphries throwdown on Kevin Garnett, so (despite an eight-inch height differential) he sacrificed his 37-game streak of 10 or more assists to start an epic shoving match that looks to have been completely punchless. Humphries can't really be… » 11/28/12 9:25pm 11/28/12 9:25pm

Kevin Garnett Gave A Weird, Profane Postgame Screed On Team Chemistry…

The Celtics eked out a six-point win in OT over the Wizards, but the close call unleashed something deep inside Kevin Garnett, something about how a team plays and whatever tenuous comparison that may hold to how a cable company operates and the very nature of advertisements, DVRs, and ... ah, we'll let SB Nation's… » 11/08/12 12:51am 11/08/12 12:51am

Did Ray Allen Change His Phone Number Or Just Dodge The Celtics' Calls?

Maybe you missed this because you were following any of the 300 more important NBA storylines, but the ballad of Ray Allen's cell phone has been one of the dumber and more fascinating subplots of the early NBA season. Let's recap. » 11/06/12 9:50am 11/06/12 9:50am

Kevin Garnett Straight Up Ignored Ray Allen When He Came Over To Say Hi

We knew Ray Allen's departure from Boston was something less than amicable. Allen dropped hints about how he had been forced out of Boston, meanwhile Doc Rivers made it known that Allen refused to return any of his or Danny Ainge's phone calls. What should have been a pure business decision (Allen wanted more money and … » 10/31/12 10:22am 10/31/12 10:22am