This Kevin Garnett/Stephon Marbury Ad For ESPN The Mag Was Good

On the occasion of, I don't know, Kevin Garnett returning to Minnesota (okay, not really, it's because reader Chris emailed us to remind us of its existence), watch this 1998 commercial for the launch of ESPN The Magazine, featuring KG and then-Wolves teammate Stephon Marbury. » 2/27/15 3:49pm 2/27/15 3:49pm

Garnett's Return Features Intro Video And Montell Jordan Performance

Kevin Garnett played his first game as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight since April 9, 2007. As you would expect, for his return to the Target Center the Timberwolves put together a coming home montage for the pregame introductions, which you can watch above. They also got Montell Jordan to perform at… » 2/25/15 9:26pm 2/25/15 9:26pm

Kevin Garnett's Already Yelled At One Of His New Teammates

Kevin Garnett's return to the Minnesota Timberwolves sounds like a premise for an average sports movie: Old star returns to his first team, gets a middling team into shape, and everyone gets a nice ending. The Timberwolves definitely won't make the playoffs this season, but maybe their small victory turns out to be a… » 2/24/15 3:17pm 2/24/15 3:17pm

Kevin Garnett's Already Intimidated One Of His New Teammates

Kevin Garnett hasn't yet played a game with the Timberwolves after getting traded last Thursday, and rookie Zach LaVine is already scared of him. That was quick. » 2/23/15 3:18pm 2/23/15 3:18pm

Kevin Garnett Is Going Back To Minnesota, And That's Cool

The NBA trade deadline has led to a few exciting trades, but none have been more fun than the one that will send Kevin Garnett back to the Timberwolves. » 2/19/15 2:53pm 2/19/15 2:53pm

Kevin Garnett Chucks Ball At, Headbutts Dwight Howard

Usually it is Kevin Garnett getting under his opponent's skin. But there is something so profoundly unlikeable about Dwight Howard—see Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, some heckler, and Ice Cube—that the normally cool-and-composed-while-being-a-jerk Garnett absolutely lost it on the play above, chucking the ball at and… » 1/12/15 8:54pm 1/12/15 8:54pm

Kevin Garnett Successfully Pisses Off David West By Blowing On His Face

Notorious pest Kevin Garnett used a Lance Stephenson special to try and provoke Indiana's David West last night. It was super effective. » 12/28/14 10:03am 12/28/14 10:03am

LeBron, Irving, Garnett, Others Wear "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirts

If you don't like serious cultural issues "intruding" into the sports world, it's going to be another tough week for you. The Cavaliers are playing against the Nets in Brooklyn tonight, and the Barclays Center has become a hub of protest against police brutality, especially the killing by a NYPD cop of Staten Island… » 12/08/14 9:40pm 12/08/14 9:40pm

Kevin Garnett Tried To Eat Joakim Noah

Kevin Garnett's picked up a lot from other players during his lengthy NBA career, and now it seems he's learning new skills from athletes outside of basketball—specifically soccer's Luis Suárez. » 11/30/14 6:22pm 11/30/14 6:22pm

Paul Pierce And Kevin Garnett Couldn't Stop Gushing About Toronto Fans

The real star of the thrilling first-round series between the Nets and Raptors turned out to be Toronto itself. The success-starved sports town brought its A-game, even as Brooklyn prevailed in seven, to the point where the Nets' biggest stars had nothing but love for the opposing fans. » 5/05/14 8:49am 5/05/14 8:49am

The Nets Are Very Old, But Their Defense Is Next Level

The average age of the Brooklyn Nets preferred starting lineup right now is 32.4. Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Deron Williams have seemingly been in our collective consciousness for decades. Even Shaun Livingston, the fifth member of that quintet, is best known for a gruesome knee injury that occurred … » 4/22/14 11:19am 4/22/14 11:19am

Watch The Celtics' Tribute Videos For Kevin Garnett And Paul Pierce

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce returned to TD Garden for the first time since being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, and it didn't go unrecognized. Each player had a video tribute played on the Jumbotron, and both received ovations. » 1/26/14 8:00pm 1/26/14 8:00pm

Kevin Garnett Calls Joe Johnson "Joe Jesus"; The Reason Why Is Hilarious

Kevin Garnett may not be the impact player he once was, but he still brings plenty of value when it comes to bestowing nicknames on his teammates. » 1/07/14 12:30pm 1/07/14 12:30pm

Kevin Garnett Is Not Suitable For Children

This is from Christmas, but it's the gift that keeps on giving. Kevin Garnett disagreed with a call from the referees (or maybe he was uncomfortable in those jersey tee-shirts) and voiced his displeasure. Little man in the Nets tee and Yankees hat got an assist from his older brother (?), who earmuffed the little tyke. » 12/28/13 5:15pm 12/28/13 5:15pm

LeBron Calls Out Former Celtics For Being Hypocrites About Ray Allen

When Ray Allen took less money to leave Boston and come to Miami—and win a championship—he took heat from his former Celtic teammates. Kevin Garnett "lost" his cell phone number. Jason Terry challenged his "willingness to stick with the tough times." Paul Pierce said he couldn't forgive Allen. Even coach Doc Rivers… » 10/18/13 11:01am 10/18/13 11:01am

Today In Unfortunate Ad Placement

We know Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are getting up there in years, but the inadvertent layout of today's print edition of the New York Daily News is being less than subtle about it. » 10/17/13 1:19pm 10/17/13 1:19pm

Here Lies Boston Sports Guy: Bill Simmons Reacts To Celtics/Nets Trade

The primary gift and curse of ESPN's coverage of this 2013 NBA draft has been the presence of Bill Simmons, one full year into his mid-career renaissance as a talking head/typing head combo pundit. Getting the world's most vocal Celtics fan to react in real time to the Celtics trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce… » 6/27/13 11:44pm 6/27/13 11:44pm