The Utah Jazz Had A Rookie Dance Off And 7-Foot Non-Rookie Enes Kanter Did The Worm

Look, a lot of sports are happening. MLB playoffs everywhere you look, NFL games up and down the line, college students still hungover from yesterday's football games—it's been a busy weekend. Bet you didn't even know that the first NBA games of the regular season are a mere 23 days away. Let one Jazz rookie and two… »10/07/12 7:30pm10/07/12 7:30pm


NBPA Economist Kevin Murphy Provides Some Intellectual Capital On The Lockout has published an interview with Kevin Murphy, the noted genius and economist who's been working with the Players' Assocation since June. This is the first time the University of Chicago professor has talked publicly since the lockout began. Go read it to gain some bonafide intellectual capital about this mess.… »10/27/11 5:45pm10/27/11 5:45pm