They Must Have An Interesting Logo

This is extremely juvenile, even for me... but when Butt Daredevils invade the sports world, I feel like you have a right to know. What you see above is a brief CBA game recap from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, with either an unfortunate typo (which has since been fixed), or a copy editor who's lashing out after his… » 2/25/07 3:45pm 2/25/07 3:45pm

All Hail Kevin Pittsnogle

If you're like us — and Lord help you if you're so unfortunate — you're big fans of West Virginia folk hero Kevin Pittsnogle. The guy is so unusual, we never quite know what to make of him. All we know is that every time the Mountaineers are on television, we can't help but watch everything he's doing. He's just a big… » 2/10/06 2:00pm 2/10/06 2:00pm