Good News, U.S. Fans: Ghana Are A Mess Right Now [Updating]

The four Group G teams—Germany, USA, Portugal, and Ghana—play today in the final Group of Death matchday. We all know the stakes. If the U.S. lose to Germany and Ghana beat Portugal by a couple of goals, Ghana will advance with Germany to the knockout rounds. That's why the news that not one, but two key Ghanaian… »6/26/14 8:54am6/26/14 8:54am


This Week In Great Quotes Linking Soccer Injuries To Sexual Frequency

"The girlfriend of German-Ghanaian footballer Kevin Prince Boateng has offered Italian media an unusual explanation for his recent thigh strain: the 24-year-old AC Milan midfielder loves sex too much. 'He's always [injured and unable to play] because we have sex seven to ten times a week,' model and TV presenter… »1/25/12 8:00pm1/25/12 8:00pm

When AC Milan Won The Italian Soccer Title, A Player Paid Homage To Michael Jackson

First, it was a hideous statue outside English Premier League team Fulham's stadium. Now, Michael Jackson continues exerting posthumous control over the living world of soccer; this time, Kevin Prince Boateng of AC Milan did a damn good impression as AC Milan celebrated winning the Scudetto (aka Serie A… »5/15/11 2:00pm5/15/11 2:00pm