Louisville Claims It Didn't Profit From Sale Of Kevin Ware Tribute Shirt, Shirt Disappears From Team Store [UPDATE]

Yesterday, we told you about the Kevin Ware-inspired Adidas shirts that were for sale in the Louisville athletics team store, and we told you why you shouldn't buy one. The idea of Louisville and Adidas profiting from Kevin Ware's injury caused a bit of a stir on the internet, prompting the university to make a… »4/04/13 3:15pm4/04/13 3:15pm


Predictably, Louisville And Adidas Are Now Trying To Profit From Kevin Ware's Injury

The shirt you see above is currently available for purchase in the Louisville basketball team store for the price of $24.99. "Rise to the Occasion" is a slogan that has appeared on Louisville gear before, but this version is infused with Kevin Ware's jersey number, a move that is specifically designed to tug at the… »4/03/13 2:59pm4/03/13 2:59pm

The Louisville Cardinals' New Warmups Are A Tribute To Kevin Ware

This is what Kevin Ware's teammates will be wearing when they take the floor on Saturday to warm up for their Final Four game against Wichita State. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Louisville has declared this Friday "Cardinal Red Day," and is encouraging everyone in the city to wear red in honor of Ware and the Cardinals. »4/03/13 1:40pm4/03/13 1:40pm

Doctors Say Kevin Ware's Injury May Have Been Exacerbated By Undetected Stress Fractures

After getting over the initial shock and horror that came from watching Kevin Ware snap his leg in half last night, many people were left wondering how suffering an injury as gruesome as Ware's on such a seemingly innocuous play was even possible. Yes, he landed awkwardly, but it's hard to imagine how an ungraceful… »4/01/13 5:13pm4/01/13 5:13pm

Kevin Ware Suffered Maybe The Most Gruesome Injury In The History Of Televised Sports [WARNING: VERY GROSS]

Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered what appears to be a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula in the first half of the Cardinals' Midwest regional final bout against Duke. The injury led to a ten-minute delay in the action and is one of the most difficult things to watch, ever. »3/31/13 6:03pm3/31/13 6:03pm