Bobby Valentine Is Now Openly Antagonizing Kevin Youkilis

Kevin Youkilis has had a rough start to his 2012 season. He's hitting .200/.265/.223, and the Red Sox are 3-5. (CLARIFICATION: They were 3-5 when Valentine gave this quote. They're 4-5 now.) But it's the smallest of sample sizes, and the Red Sox got off to a bad start last year and everything worked out almost… » 4/16/12 12:17am 4/16/12 12:17am

Boston Herald: Kevin Youkilis Is Getting Married To Tom Brady's Sister

Holy alleged eugenics, Boston! A sister of Boston's resident best athlete (sorry, JaJuan Johnson) is getting married to its resident Greek god (sorry, Niko Koutouvides), if this story is true, anyway. » 2/10/12 1:15am 2/10/12 1:15am