Keyshawn Johnson Has, Uh, Changed

So Justin Bieber's house got raided today, no doubt bringing joy to neighbor Keyshawn Johnson who has beef with the obscure underground death metal singer. The interview you see here, though.. that's not Keyshawn Johnson. » 1/14/14 9:54pm 1/14/14 9:54pm

TMZ: Keyshawn Johnson Chased Down Justin Bieber For Driving Too Fast

Where even to begin with this one? "BIEBER VS. KEYSHAWN: INTENSE SHOWDOWN At Singer's Mansion." Bieber. Versus. Keyshawn. Intense showdown. It's tabloid Christmas, thanks to TMZ. And it gets even better. » 5/28/13 12:43pm 5/28/13 12:43pm

Keyshawn Johnson Starts His Own Wine Label

When you're at the store and need to pick up some wine for a meaningful occasion, are you really going to be perusing the selections and be stopped in your tracks by a Keyshawn Johnson vintage? The former NFL wide receiver and current ESPN analyst sure hopes so. He's started his own wine label, called KJ1, and the… » 7/20/12 12:20am 7/20/12 12:20am

Derrick Mason's Response To Keyshawn's Raven-Bashing: "You're The Bum!"…

Gifted trash talkers as they are, Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter's insults do not always prove true. After shitting all over Baltimore's offense by calling Joe Flacco "a bum," the Ravens exploded Sunday and fired back at the analysts. » 9/14/09 1:15pm 9/14/09 1:15pm

According to Jemele Hill, Warren Sapp Deserves a Pounding for Keyshawn…

Here's an amusing little snag from Awful Announcing » 11/13/08 4:30pm 11/13/08 4:30pm, featuring current "Inside the NFL" analyst Warren Sapp and budding home decorator/"NFL Live" analyst, Keyshawn Johnson. Sapp was responding to viewer questions during his "Ask Warren Anything" segment. One viewer was curious about Sapp's thoughts on his former .…

Gimme The Damn Drapes!

Keyshawn Johnson's post-NFL career as an ESPN analyst has established him as a compelling on-air personality. Television producers have noticed, and now the loudmouth former receiver with the sartorial flair is taking his eye for interior design to the people — and basic cable. In one of the wackiest reality show… » 11/06/08 9:30am 11/06/08 9:30am

Terrell Owens Loves His Quarterback, Not "Sheshawn" Johnson

T.O. would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things. Yes, it sounded like he was complaining when he said that 18 throws and 2 running plays called in his honor was not enough involvement in the Dallas Cowboys game plan, but he seriously holds no ill will » 10/01/08 5:00pm 10/01/08 5:00pm towards his coach, owner, offensive coordinator,…

Chad Johnson Wants You To Keep The Tape Rolling

No matter what anyone says, it's still hard to adjust to the notion of Keyshawn Johnson wearing a suit and being introduced by Chris Berman. It's like the spectacle of Sitting Bull as part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Keyshawn was not meant to be tamed. » 10/23/07 10:00am 10/23/07 10:00am

Keyshawn's Final Moments As A Panther

If you want to relieve the sublime comedy of Keyshawn Johnson's "excitement" after learning that the Carolina Panthers drafted his "buddy" Dwayne Jarrett — thus securing his release from the team — the video above has the complete footage. It was funny at the time, but it improves considerably knowing what's going… » 5/02/07 5:00pm 5/02/07 5:00pm

Your Thursday Morning NFL Roundup

"So, like, I text messaged Terrell to wish him well and everything after his overdose thingy, and he never texts me back. No biggie, right? But now he says he never got it! Like, I'm so sure! It's incredible th ... oh wait, that's Ashley on the other line. Be back in a sec." » 10/05/06 11:00am 10/05/06 11:00am