Miami Hurricanes Pull Off Mind-Blowing, Incredible Kick Return With No Time Remaining

Duke took the lead on Miami with just seconds remaining in Durham, only for the Hurricanes to pull off one of the most incredible plays we’ve ever seen in college football history. A series of reviews and replays ended up with the play being called back—maybe, it’s still under review as of publication— but this is… »10/31/15 10:50pm10/31/15 10:50pm


The Reports Of NFL Special-Teams Excitement's Demise Were Probably Premature

As you can see from this video compiled by new guy Conor Hastings, Darren Sproles of the New Orleans Saints returned a punt 72 yards for a touchdown tonight. Shortly thereafter, Green Bay Packers rookie Randall Cobb did the same with a 108-yard kickoff return. To which Sproles said oh, ok, I'll get a 57-yard scamper… »9/08/11 11:30pm9/08/11 11:30pm