"Treasonous" Kickball Player Sick Of Teammates That Want To Have Fun

It's time for another Overwrought Rec League Email Chain, this time from the wonderful world of kickball. And kickball...is serious business. » 8/13/13 5:42pm 8/13/13 5:42pm

Someone Made A Shot-For-Shot Kickball Remake Of A Tom Emanski Ad

This is the Dynamic Practice Organization commercial, not the Defensive Drills one, so you won't be seeing Fred McGriff. Still, we appreciate the absurdism and are suddenly struck by the urge to play kickball. » 7/31/13 4:26pm 7/31/13 4:26pm

Rogue Kickball League Succumbs To The Man, Agrees To Shorten Its Games

An adult kickball league said to be a worse menace than the gang violence and heroin epidemic that once plagued New York City's Lower East Side has finally, mercifully been brought to heel. » 6/09/13 4:15pm 6/09/13 4:15pm

Woman Seeking Ban Suggests Kickball League Is Worse Than Drugs, Gangs

A Lower East Side resident is trying to ban an adult kickball league, claiming it is "obnoxious" and on par with the heroin and gangs that characterized the Manhattan neighborhood decades ago. » 6/05/13 11:25am 6/05/13 11:25am

The Best Ending To A National Kickball Tournament Match You'll Ever See

You're watching extra innings of a quarterfinals match at a national kickball tournament in Harrisburg, Pa., this past weekend. (Our sender-inner promises "it isn't as douchey as it sounds," and we'll agree. Kickball might be the sport of choice for children and hipsters, but it's still really, really fun.) » 6/12/12 9:30am 6/12/12 9:30am

For Just $400,000, You Can Buy This Portland-Based Co-Ed Kickball Team

From Deadspin's Portland Bureau—tipster Scott—comes a rec league kickball story. Sorry. Keep in mind this Craigslist ad was originally all in caps: » 5/24/11 8:55pm 5/24/11 8:55pm

Soccer Rec League Captain Works Harder Than You And Has The Sweaty…

I've noticed most of these rec league emailers possess a trait and that, due to some tic beyond their control, they need to verbalize their small victories in order to make sure people are paying attention. Because at their stations in life, the only worthwhile accolade can come from a teammate smart enough to… » 4/11/11 12:50pm 4/11/11 12:50pm

Kickball Rec League Captain Sends Out Fantastically Bitchy Email To His…

An Atlanta-area kickball team recently suffered a demoralizing 20-0 loss. Yes, we're familiar with how serious some people are about their kickball and it's never fun to get blown out. However, if you have to play with this fun lovin' bunch of sad-sacks it's still inexcusable to go all Earl Weaver on them no matter… » 4/04/11 3:15pm 4/04/11 3:15pm

D.C. Kickball Suit of 2006 Reaches Conclusion

In a monumental ruling for kickball fans everywhere WAKA, LLC (World Adult Kickball Association) v. DC Kickball has been dismissed. So I guess it's not monumental at all. The case was filed in February 2006. Why? WAKA alleged that DC Kickball stole their kickball rules. And if you've ever lived in D.C., this suit… » 8/06/08 3:30pm 8/06/08 3:30pm

The Cold-Blooded World of Competitive Kickball

Our nation's courts have recently been home to some vicious legal battles about the sport of kickball. The WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) has beef with DCKickball about... well, I have no idea what it's about. The news here is that there are adults out there who play kickball. » 3/04/06 5:43pm 3/04/06 5:43pm