Darko Milicic's First Kickboxing Match Came To A Gross End

NBA bust and actual crazy person Darko Milicic is a kickboxer now, and that sentence is less weird to type out than it probably should be. He just had his first official fight, and it did not go so well. » 12/19/14 9:34am 12/19/14 9:34am

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues their investigation of amateur kickboxing, this time with a horrifying story about a fight that pitted a developmentally disabled man against an opponent with "more than a decade of experience as a combat trainer and fighter." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] » 12/10/14 8:12pm 12/10/14 8:12pm

Report: Kickboxer Died After Bout Due To Cheap Promoter, Inept Doctors

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel went long this weekend on the death of Dennis Munson, a 24-year-old kickboxer who in March collapsed in the ring following his first amateur bout and died hours later. It's a harrowing read that catalogues a litany of errors that started well before the fight and continued during… » 11/17/14 3:13pm 11/17/14 3:13pm

HIV, Hepatitis C, And More: New York's Amateur MMA Scene Is A Disaster

Things get bloody not long after the fight goes from technical battle to all-out brawl, and the former Hofstra wrestler and the kickboxer from Brooklyn up the tempo, mixing thudding kicks to the thigh with straight shots to the face. The venue—an event space in Chinatown called the Capitale—echoes with cheers. A… » 5/21/14 2:43pm 5/21/14 2:43pm

Kickboxer Knocked Out In First Round With 360 Back Kick

Raymond Daniels knocked out Francois Ambang at 1:47 in the first round of a fight on a Glory card tonight, about 1o seconds after Ambang was knocked down from a flurry of punches and could barely pick himself up and stand upright. » 5/03/14 10:07pm 5/03/14 10:07pm

South Korean Female Kickboxer Beat Up By The Three Male "Comedians"

Here's the Cage Potato description of what happens in this video: "Known as 'Beautiful Fighter' to her fans, South Korean kickboxing star Lim Su-Jeong has become something of a martyr in her home country after an appearance on the Japanese TV show 'Flames Sports Competition' turned ugly last month." » 8/20/11 1:00pm 8/20/11 1:00pm

Watch This Kickboxer Get Destroyed By A Leaping 360 Roundhouse Kick

Here's a not-so-new video newly making the rounds. It's of a fight between Evgenij Alekseev and Vadim Masljanka that ends quickly. Alekseev lands the kind of kick we thought stopped working around the time Jean-Claude Van Damme stopped working. Guess not. » 5/17/11 7:00pm 5/17/11 7:00pm

Van Damme Takes "Kickboxer" Sequel Pitch A Bit Too Literally

At a time when Steven Seagal has become an obese parody of himself on A&E, Jean-Claude Van Damme announces that he'll return to a kickboxing ring to evolve beyond a Hollywood life of drinking, "cocaine and all that shit." » 11/20/10 8:00pm 11/20/10 8:00pm

World's Worst Muay Thai Ref Sees No Problems With Garbage Can Lids

A pretty exciting Muay Thai match becomes a whole different animal after the introduction of some garbage can lids. Then it becomes a regular match again, all the while the referee does nothing. Niche sports are fantastic sometimes. [The Spoiler] » 11/15/10 2:50pm 11/15/10 2:50pm

Female Kickboxer Is Killed At Sloppily Organized Tournament

Sunday in Orlando, Lindsay Scheer fought Adrienne Simmons in the Muay Thai lightweight women's final of the International Kickboxing Federation National Amateur Tournament. The two women were not evenly matched. Lindsay Scheer won the fight. Adrienne Simmons died. » 7/29/10 6:30pm 7/29/10 6:30pm