The Seahawks' Secret Hero Is A Kicker Who Didn't Want To Kick

Lost in all the fuss over Shermaggedon is that Russell Wilson, still a sophomore, has some enormous balls. While Colin Kaepernick fell apart in the fourth, Wilson stepped up, avoiding turnovers and tossing what would be the game-winner, a 35-yard strike to Jermaine Kearse. But it almost didn't happen, and Seattle can… »1/21/14 4:04pm1/21/14 4:04pm

The Lions Signed That Norweigan Kicker Who Was A Big Deal On YouTube

Until December, Havard Rugland was just some guy in Norway with a YouTube video that showed him kicking footballs in all sorts of crazy ways. It was fun while it lasted, but then the Jets gave him a tryout because they're the Jets. That didn't work out, and we all went back to forgetting about Havard Rugland. But now… »4/12/13 3:01pm4/12/13 3:01pm

Last Night Was Probably The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Super Bowl Fair-Catch Kick, The Rarest Play In The NFL

When the Ravens intentionally took a safety, to give themselves better field position and run a few seconds off the clock, it brought the 49ers to within three points. It was the smart call, but it also raised the possibility of the rarest of all football plays—the fair-catch kick. It's only been attempted a handful… »2/04/13 3:20pm2/04/13 3:20pm

Potential Nebraska Transfer Pulled Over By State Trooper, Let Off With 15-Minute Talking-To About How Great The Huskers Are

Pat Smith has spent three seasons kicking for Western Illinois, but he's been weighing a transfer for his senior year. Last weekend he drove to Nebraska to visit campus, but as he tells the Quincy Herald-Whig, he was pulled over by a state trooper soon after crossing the border. »1/22/13 2:40pm1/22/13 2:40pm

Here's The Youtube Video That Got A Norwegian Kicker A Tryout With The Jets

Back in September, a 27-year-old from a tiny Norwegian town named Havard Rugland uploaded this video to Youtube. Despite only ever having played soccer, he's able to do some crazy things with a football: Over-the-head kicks, drop kicks, kicks across gorges, kicks onto a moving boat, kicks from the coffin corner. But… »12/21/12 3:35pm12/21/12 3:35pm

Former Texans Punter Suing Reliant Stadium Owners For Being Injured By Its Crappy Field

This week, the Texans brought in a handful of veteran kickers for tryouts. They're reportedly happy with Shayne Graham's field goals, but wish he could get a little more distance on kickoffs. They had a decent candidate last year, an undrafted rookie K/P out of Central Michigan named Brett Hartmann, who managed to set… »11/15/12 1:25pm11/15/12 1:25pm

Graham Gano Wins Redskins Starting Job, Gets Cut A Day Later

Yesterday, the Redskins cut veteran kicker Neil Rackers, seemingly handing the job to Graham Gano. Great news for Gano, a fourth-year player whose starting job has never been secure thanks to a niggling habit of, um, missing. Gano was technically perfect on field goals this preseason, considering he didn't attempt a… »8/28/12 10:50am8/28/12 10:50am

Today In Straightforward Headlines: "Man Busted For Kicking Kitten Then Signaling Field Goal"

Police charged a South Side (Chicago) man with animal cruelty after officers say they watched him take a running start and kick his kitten 15 feet to 18 feet into the air before raising his arms to signal a successful field goal.


He told the arresting officers: "This is my cat, Nightmare. He is tough, we play…

»1/25/12 4:10pm1/25/12 4:10pm