Alabama Basketball Player Arrested Following A Child's Kidnapping

Devonta Pollard, a rising junior basketball player at the University of Alabama, was arrested today following the April 30 kidnapping of a six-year-old girl from Mississippi. The Tuscaloosa News reports that he was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Six people, including Pollard's mother,… »6/04/13 10:40pm6/04/13 10:40pm

How To Be A Good Captive, And Other Notes From My Fake Kidnapping

I have an article in this month's GQ about my experience with a luxury abduction service, which I paid to kidnap me and hold me captive for 14 hours or so. (Here I am talking about the story on The Howard Stern Show, if you care to listen.) Given that Adam Thick, owner and operator of Extreme Kidnapping, was inspired… »4/04/13 12:00pm4/04/13 12:00pm

Venezuelan MLB Players Spend More Time Worrying About Being Kidnapped Than Most Professional Athletes

Becoming a professional baseball player should mean you're pretty much set, right? Forget the odds that a fringe (or star) professional athlete will go broke before he's a certain age—if you spend much of your twenties and thirties making millions or near millions of dollars for playing a game, you've made it in at… »12/30/12 2:15pm12/30/12 2:15pm