J.R. Smith Reminds Kris Humphries That Kanye West Is Now Kim Kardashian's Sperm Donor, Just In Case He Forgot

The Nets beat the Knicks 88-85 tonight, but we're not here for that. We're here to talk about Poor Kris Humphries. The guy can't even talk shit after a win without getting the whole fake-marriage-to-a-reality-show-fame-whore deal thrown in his face.
»1/21/13 10:10pm1/21/13 10:10pm

Guy can't catch a break. But, hey, the Nets won, so that's a…


Woman Who Used To Bang Kim Kardashian's Fiancé Shopping Book About Banging Kim Kardashian's Fiancé

Here's a somewhat amusing pitch forwarded to us by two people in the past 12 hours from an aspiring author named Lisa Monks who's writing a tell-all about some of her NBA bedroom conquests. From her [sic]'d email — sent to a couple gossip mags — it promises these not-so-explosive bombshells: »6/08/11 6:45pm6/08/11 6:45pm