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Mike Shanahan Admits To Lying To The Media All The Time

Mike Shanahan was a little fired up at his press conference earlier today. That's understandable, considering the monumental shit storm that has descended on the Redskins' season. But the best part of the presser came when Shanahan, with one little admission, crystallized everything that is so dysfunctional about the… » 12/11/13 3:31pm 12/11/13 3:31pm

Michigan State Beat Wisconsin Last Night On A Game-Ending Hail Mary TD…

Keith Nichol caught a throw from Kirk Cousins on the game's final play, but it was ruled a touchdown only after a replay review determined that Nichol did, in fact, cross the goal line with the ball. Cousins-Nichol thus gets added to Doug Flutie-Gerard Phelan and Kordell Stewart-Michael Westbrook in college… » 10/23/11 10:45am 10/23/11 10:45am