Iowa Loses In Miserable Fashion As Freeze-The-Kicker Move Backfires

That is a gif of pure misery. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz tried to pull the ol' "freeze the kicker" trick in the final seconds of the Hawkeyes' game against Iowa State this afternoon. The Cyclones missed the first kick, but had another attempt because of Ferentz's timeout. On the second try, Ferentz's world slowly… »9/13/14 7:24pm9/13/14 7:24pm


We Remind All Big Ten Reporters That Asking For Coach's Autograph Is Not Acceptable (Update: Ed Responds)

Big Ten Media Days in Chicago just wrapped up, and for the most part it was the same boring old questions, asked 100 times by 100 different reporters from across the Midwest. So it takes something special to stand out. Ed Littler, Sports Director at News 5 in Nebraska, you are something special. »8/01/11 2:25pm8/01/11 2:25pm

Iowa Gives Coaching Award To Man Whose Workout Sent 13 Players To The Hospital

Back in January, 13 Iowa football players were hospitalized for treatment of "exertional rhabdomyolysis," or an "acute breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream." Basically, the Hawkeyes were pushed too hard in their workout routine, which was… »4/25/11 11:50am4/25/11 11:50am

University of Iowa Athletic Staff Conspired to Cover Up a Sexual Assault?

A fellow student-athlete at Iowa alleged she was sexually assaulted by two football players on October 14, 2007. Within 36 hours of the assault the victim reported the incident to the highest levels of the Iowa Athletic department. Including athletic director Gary Barta, head football coach Kirk Ferentz, associate… »7/21/08 4:30pm7/21/08 4:30pm