For The Person Who Always Thought The Wizard Of Oz Was Crap Without Boston Sports Teams

I have two pieces of excellent news for you. First, this work of art, "There's No Place Like Home," can be yours for only $1,000. A thousand bucks! What a bargain for this "beautiful hand painted mural by and up and coming local artist." You can't just walk into the Musee d'Orsay and take home a Gauguin, but you can… »8/28/12 11:25am8/28/12 11:25am

Why Can't Michael Bay Make Stoopid Movies Like This? Battleship, Reviewed.

One of the knocks on Battleship is that it plays like a ripoff of a Michael Bay movie, but frankly, I wish any of Bay's recent films had been a fun as this very silly let's-kill-the-aliens action flick is. Directed by actor-turned-director Peter Berg (Hancock, the Friday Night Lights film), Battleship may be stoopid,… »5/17/12 5:10pm5/17/12 5:10pm