Steph Curry Has A Steph Curry Game

If you thought anything at all like "this Warriors-Mavericks game tonight isn't worth staying up late for," you should immediately smack yourself in the head. Hard. It has been true for at least a season now, but the point was driven home especially forcefully tonight: The Golden State Warriors are always worth your… » 2/05/15 1:48am 2/05/15 1:48am

Klay Thompson's Third Quarter In Sight And Sound

What Klay Thompson did during the third quarter last night boggles the mind. Thirty-seven points on 13-13 shooting, 9-9 from three? A few of the shots—the one from five feet behind the three-point line and the one where he just sorta flung it up while covered in the corner come to mind—would have been terrible… » 1/24/15 11:40am 1/24/15 11:40am

Watch Klay Thompson Score 37 Points In 37 Seconds

Klay Thompson demolished the NBA record for points in a quarter when he put up 37 in the third tonight against Sacramento. Here's all 37 of the Warriors sharpshooter's record-setting points in one 37-second video. » 1/24/15 1:18am 1/24/15 1:18am

Klay Thompson Throws Down Alley-Oop

We haven't even finished the first quarter yet and Warriors-Thunder is already the highlight reel-fest you'd expect when players like Curry, Westbrook, Durant, and Thompson get together on the same court for a (sort of, it's on NBA TV) nationally televised matchup. That being said, a Klay Thompson alley-oop isn't… » 1/05/15 11:06pm 1/05/15 11:06pm

Klay Thompson Dunk Sends Kyle Singler Stumbling Into Crowd

There are better dunks and worse posterizations than this Thompson-Singler affair, but Singler's exit makes this fantastic. Despite his efforts to remain upright, he stumbles back for what feels like forever, until he runs into the cameraman. It's at this point that he gives in to momentum and just plunges into the… » 2/24/14 11:10pm 2/24/14 11:10pm

No Team Can Mount A Comeback Quite Like The Warriors Can

The Golden State Warriors found themselves down 27 points to the Toronto Raptors with 9:20 left in the third quarter last night. They ended up winning the game by nine points, because when the Warriors decide to go nuclear, there is no stopping them. » 12/04/13 10:45am 12/04/13 10:45am

Klay Thompson Does A Damn Good Steph Curry Impersonation

Game 2 goes to Golden State, on the backs of an unconscious Klay Thompson and some crucial makes from Steph Curry. If not for a once-in-a-decade San Antonio comeback, they would be up 2-0. They should be. But the what-ifs don't matter if one what-if is legit—if the Warriors, on the strength of their fearsome… » 5/09/13 9:08am 5/09/13 9:08am

Klay Thompson's Parents Are Docking His Allowance For Getting Involved…

Aside from David Lee and Roy Hibbert, a number of players had supporting roles in Monday night's Golden State-Indiana mini-brawl. One of them was Klay Thompson, who was fined $35,000 for escalating the fight. You can see him in the video, No. 11, holding the basketball. He charges Hibbert from behind, moving the scrum… » 2/28/13 5:40pm 2/28/13 5:40pm

Brawl Breaks Out In Warriors-Pacers Game After Roy Hibbert Goes On A…

Violence erupted in the fourth quarter of tonight's Warriors-Pacers game in Indianapolis after David Lee, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, David West, and Roy Hibbert got into a massive rumble that carried itself into the seating sections and resulted in Hibbert's ejection. » 2/26/13 9:19pm 2/26/13 9:19pm