The One Where A Lady Sends Us Pictures Of Her Boobs In The Hope Of…

Welcome back to Deleted Scenes. If you're new, read this to figure out what we do here. If not, well, let's get down to business. (NSFW) » 9/24/10 4:45pm 9/24/10 4:45pm

It Appears Buxom Tennis Player Has Officially De-Racked Herself

SBB claims this is a picture of Simona Halep soon after her breast reduction surgery. Romania's long national nightmare is now over. [SBB] » 7/01/09 9:05am 7/01/09 9:05am

A Sad Day For ... Uh, Tennis?

Well-proportioned Romanian phenom Simona Halep is reportedly planning breast-reduction surgery, because her superhuman chest somehow doesn't help her play tennis. Or is she? » 5/28/09 1:30pm 5/28/09 1:30pm