When You Get Knocked Out By A Flying Knee Like This, People Think You Pooped Your Pants

The stinky rumor floating around the internet is that Vitor Vianna lost control of his bowels after taking this picture-perfect flying knee from Brian Rogers during a quarterfinal fight of a Bellator middleweight tournament. Whatever. We've all soiled the silk before, usually without the excuse of being parted from… »3/19/12 5:40pm3/19/12 5:40pm


Andrei Arlovski Hasn't Knocked Out A Top Fighter In Years, But Good Lord Did He Knock Out This Guy

There was a time when Andrei Arlovski stirred fear in the hearts of other heavyweight fighters. That time was in 2005, before the world discovered that Arlovski's jaw had the consistency of a tortilla chip. A few years later, Arlovski suffered several hideous knockouts, the kind where you'd literally see his eyes… »11/07/11 11:15am11/07/11 11:15am

Almost Six Years Later, One MMA Fighter Is Still Campaigning For The UFC's Fastest Knockout

Way back in January 2006 (Did they have cell phones back then?), Duane "Bang" Ludwig scored a flash knockout of glass-jawed Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3. Ludwig did it with one punch. He did it in four seconds, according to the official clock. That'd make it the fastest knockout in UFC history. And yet the… »9/06/11 3:20pm9/06/11 3:20pm