Emotional Man Knowshon Moreno Has Turbocharged Tear Ducts

We saw an odd moment during today's Broncos-Chiefs broadcast on CBS when the network aired a clip of Denver running back Knowshon Moreno crying a copious amount of tears. (We're told he got a bit emotional during the game's playing of the national anthem.) We think his display deserves a different soundtrack, and so… » 12/01/13 5:56pm 12/01/13 5:56pm

Knowshon Moreno Celebrated His TD With Some Rock-Paper-Scissors

After last week's Broncos-Raiders game, Ronnie Hillman told reporters that the Broncos' running backs played rock-paper-scissors to decide who—out of the committee of Hillman, Montee Ball, and Knowshon Moreno—would get a goal-line carry. Knowshon Moreno apparently won this time around. » 9/29/13 5:51pm 9/29/13 5:51pm

Mark Richt Says ESPN "Didn't Do Their Homework" On Knowshon Moreno Run

In case you haven't seen Knowshon Moreno's run against Central Michigan, it's linked after the jump and, despite ESPN's failure, over 100,000 fans have already found their way to the play. Georgia fans (and their coach) are up in arms over ESPN's perceived slight to their Heisman Trophy candidate. Not least because if… » 9/09/08 1:00pm 9/09/08 1:00pm