Kobe Bryant Watches Joyous Lakers Teammates, Feels Pain

Look at Kobe Bryant's face as he watches these young Lakers celebrate snapping a seven-game losing streak with a win over the Celtics. That's the face of a disgusted man. » 2/24/15 10:20am 2/24/15 10:20am

Kobe Bryant Doesn't Have Any Friends

GQ's got a big interview with Kobe Bryant today, one in which Kobe continues to fully embrace his image as a sociopathic genius who doesn't give a fuck. It's up to you to decide if this is an old and wise Kobe finally being brutally honest about himself and his career, or just the result of his latest recalibration in… » 2/17/15 10:09am 2/17/15 10:09am

Karl Malone Is Totally Down To Fight If Kobe Bryant Wants To

Karl Malone went on Huff Post Live today, and host Marc Lamont Hill asked him about his relationship with Kobe Bryant. For those who don't remember (or are too young to remember) 2004, Bryant accused Malone of making a pass at his wife Vanessa. From the ESPN story at the time: » 2/12/15 12:01am 2/12/15 12:01am

Report: Broken Old Mummy Kobe Bryant Out For Season

Kobe Bryant injured his right shoulder Wednesday night against the Pelicans; now, ESPN's Ramona Shelburne is reporting that he'll miss the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff. Neither Kobe nor the Lakers have confirmed, yet; there's still some talk of uncertainty over whether he'll opt for surgery or "various… » 1/23/15 4:00pm 1/23/15 4:00pm

Kobe And LeBron Spent A Great Game Being Old And Having Fun

They've both been banged-up, they've been frustrated, their supporting casts not carrying the load of some of the great teammates of the past, and if last night's Cavaliers win over the Lakers brought out the best in Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, the whole thing had the melancholy tinge of a World War II reunion;… » 1/16/15 9:29am 1/16/15 9:29am

For Maybe The First Time This Season, Kobe And LeBron Have Some Fun

Neither Kobe Bryant nor LeBron James has had a very enjoyable season. Kobe is fighting an increasingly sclerotic body and plays for the hopeless Lakers, while LeBron has already missed his most games in a season ever and plays for the dramatically underwhelming Cavaliers. But in a narrow Cavs win Thursday night, the… » 1/16/15 1:20am 1/16/15 1:20am

Byron Scott Wants Kobe To Shoot More. No, Really. 

Since Kobe Bryant came back from a week of DNP - Old, the Lakers have gone 1-2, with a win over the Nuggets featuring an old-man triple-double from Kobe, and a close loss to the Grizzlies, a much better team than the Lakers. By any measure, this represents drastic if short-term improvement. Naturally, Byron Scott… » 1/04/15 1:04pm 1/04/15 1:04pm

Kobe Flips Out Because Jeremy Lin, Rest Of Lakers Are Morons

Kobe Bryant hit a clutch three last night to bring the Lakers within one of the Grizzlies at Staples Center. He did this with 24 seconds remaining in the game, which meant that Los Angeles needed to foul and stop the clock. Jeremy Lin, guarding the Memphis ball-handler, did nothing. So Kobe took matters into his own… » 1/03/15 1:06pm 1/03/15 1:06pm

Mr. @MyTweetsRealAF Has Recorded An Anti-@SnottieDrippen Diss Track

It what can only be considered the logical conclusion of a Twitter beef that resulted in a 35-minute Christmas Day trip to fight someone in Temecula, Twitter user and Kobe Bryant fan @MyTweetsRealAF has released a diss track aimed at Kobe hater, basketblogger, and fight avoider @SnottieDrippen. We debated this… » 12/28/14 9:44pm 12/28/14 9:44pm

Twitter User Makes 35-Minute Drive To Fight Kobe Hater

If you thought Christmas was about peace on earth and goodwill towards men, you thought wrong. Today, we learned that Christmas is actually about making a 35-minute drive to Temecula, Calif., because some chump who was hating on Kobe Bryant on Twitter needs to catch the hands. » 12/25/14 11:26pm 12/25/14 11:26pm

The Lakers Had Fun With Kobe Bryant Sitting Out

The Lakers ran the NBA-best Warriors out of the Staples Center, winning 115-105 even after taking their foot off the gas in the fourth, and they did it all without Kobe Bryant. And everyone not named Kobe Bryant seemed pretty darn happy about it. » 12/24/14 8:48am 12/24/14 8:48am

Kobe Needs To Have A Seat

Kobe Bryant had himself an atrocious game against the Kings yesterday, scoring 25 while missing 22 of his 30 shots and committing nine turnovers in 38 minutes of sad, clunky run. Old Man Kobe maniacally shooting his team out of games is something that's been happening a lot this year, but yesterday felt like a turning… » 12/22/14 10:14am 12/22/14 10:14am

Jeremy Lin Wishes Kobe Would Let Him Shoot A Game-Winner

On Friday, the Los Angeles Hindenburgs Lakers actually hung tight with a Kevin Durant-less Oklahoma City Thunder squad. Down 104-103 in the waning seconds, the Lakers were cued up for a Kobe Bryant game-winning shot attempt. Despite getting a solid look from the left elbow, Bryant's shot was just off the mark. We… » 12/20/14 9:06am 12/20/14 9:06am

The Lakers Threw Kobe Bryant A Sad Little Plane Party

Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan on the all-time NBA scoring list last night, and after the game it was time for Kobe and his teammates—his friends, his confidants, his brothers in arms—to cut loose and celebrate the man's tremendous accomplishment. » 12/15/14 9:45am 12/15/14 9:45am

Kobe: "These Motherfuckers Ain't Doing Shit For Me" (VIDEO UPDATE)

The 6-16 Lakers are garbage and will likely continue to be garbage, but Kobe Bryant refuses to give up. His latest motivational tactic: Emotionally dismantling his teammates during practice. Getting yelled at by a champion will make you a champion, maybe. » 12/11/14 4:26pm 12/11/14 4:26pm

Laptop Man Unfazed By Kobe-Rondo Meeting

Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo got breakfast together in Boston this morning, which is fine and good and probably means that Kobe is trying to convince Rondo to come play with him in L.A. so that the two can form some kind of super team of surly-assness and eventually kill each other. But that's not what concerns me… » 12/04/14 3:09pm 12/04/14 3:09pm

Kobe Bryant Is Not Even Pretending To Respect His Teammates Anymore

This moment, from yesterday's game between the Lakers and Denver Nuggets, is just perfect representation of Kobe Bryant's current relationship with his teammates. » 11/24/14 5:32pm 11/24/14 5:32pm