Michael Jordan's Ghost Is Retiring, At Fucking Last

This will be Kobe Bryant’s final season. He announced it yesterday, and the news made me think, instantly, of Michael Jordan. The last, greatest, and most devoted of his followers is passing; it’s the latest and most final-seeming of his many deaths, the destruction of his last on-court horcrux. Do you think Kobe… »Yesterday 3:00pm11/30/15 3:00pm


Kevin Durant Blasts Media For Criticizing Kobe Bryant

If Derek Jeter’s retirement tour is any guide, Kobe Bryant’s final season is going to be a victory lap, with everyone competing to fawn over the career of a guy who, admittedly, was one of the most important players in the modern NBA. But that’s not enough for Kevin Durant, who took the media to task for not getting… »Yesterday 1:57pm11/30/15 1:57pm

Hassan Whiteside Pens Moving Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement will surely bring an outpouring of tributes from his fellow players, both young and old. A lot of these guys grew up idolizing Bryant, and now they have to say goodbye. What does one even say in this situation? How do you even begin to thank Kobe for all that he’s done for the… »Yesterday 10:09am11/30/15 10:09am

Old Man Kobe And The Young Lakers Are Fun As Hell 

Kobe Bryant, who is older than hell, crankier than hell, and shackled to a misshapen Lakers team, looked better than he has in years tonight as his Lakers fell to the Timberwolves at home 112-111. This game was stuffed full of cool shit: the two teams’ tribute to the recently passed Flip Saunders; Nick Young hitting a… »10/29/15 1:40am10/29/15 1:40am