This GIF Of Andy Reid As The Kool-Aid Man Will Make You Happy

It's been a terrible day so far. So God bless LSUFreek for creating this gif, which will bring us all back from the precipice of despair. This is truly humanity at its best. » 10/21/13 5:14pm 10/21/13 5:14pm

Alabama Barely Beats Georgia For SEC Title, Right To Demolish Irish In…

Your national title game will be SEC semifinal champion Alabama against Notre Dame, which in a just alternate universe just got piss-pounded by Ohio State in the Big Ten title game and ceded its title game slot to Florida. In this universe, though, Notre Dame spent the afternoon licking its chops as Alabama and… » 12/01/12 8:39pm 12/01/12 8:39pm

Kool Aid Man Really Wanted To Catch That Foul Ball

Your morning roundup for Aug. 23, the day they found a lot of semen in a fancy hotel room. H/T to bigsombrero for the photo. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/23/11 10:12am 8/23/11 10:12am

Ballin' With Kool-Aid Man

OK, not only am I buying a pair of these shoes in every flavor, but I've got this poster up in my living room right now. That f###ing Turtle from Entourage better stay outta my way when Reebok debuts their new Kool-Aid athletic shoes in stores tomorrow, that's all I'm saying. Coaches may have told you that your… » 1/31/08 4:10pm 1/31/08 4:10pm