We're A Long Way From The NFL, Kordell

You might recall that when Will and The Balls took on Kordell Stewart and Andre Rison in their little exhibition for Pros vs. Joes, that our heroes were informed that Kordell planned on making a comeback to the NFL. And sure, maybe the show is a good way for Kordell to keep himself in shape, and get his name back out… » 2/04/07 1:30pm 2/04/07 1:30pm

Deadspin Field Trip: Our Battle With Slash And Bad Moon

Last year around this time, thanks to a promotion for that "Pros Vs. Joes" show on Spike that no one we know watches, we strapped on a helmet and batted against John Rocker. That trip worked out so well for everybody that they asked us if we'd be interested in heading to Grand Central Station in New York City this… » 1/24/07 2:15pm 1/24/07 2:15pm

Finally, Rik Smits And Michael Irvin Come Together

Aside from a cocaine-infused party at a French-Canadian brothel, I can't think of many ventures that could bring together the likes of Michael Irvin, Jose Canseco, Kordell Stewart, Darryl Strawberry and Claude Lemieux. Those four are part of the cast for the new season of Pros vs. Joes on SpikeTV. » 1/20/07 6:00pm 1/20/07 6:00pm

Half-Hour Left To Vote!

Polls are closing at 1:45 Eastern Time for our first gay athlete to come out poll. The race is tight right now, and your vote could make all the difference. We'll announce the results later this afternoon. » 10/28/05 2:10pm 10/28/05 2:10pm

Vote: First Gay Athlete To Come Out?

All right, we promised you a poll, and here's your poll, our first ever on Deadspin. The question: Who's the most likely athlete to come out of the closet first, based off Oddjack's Cultural Oddsmaker, which laid down the odds on five most likely suspects to be the first "out" athlete. » 10/27/05 5:45pm 10/27/05 5:45pm

Cultural Oddsmaker: Who's The Next Gay Athlete?

With Sheryl Swoopes' earth-shaking announcement that she was (no!) a lesbian, tongues are wagging (sorry) about who the next — i.e., actually surprising — athlete to come out of the closet will be. Our friends at Oddjack have helpfully lay out the odds on five heavily rumored to be gay athletes, picking the favorites,… » 10/27/05 3:07pm 10/27/05 3:07pm

Kordell Stewart Is Back, And, So You Know, Still Not Gay

Today is a beautiful day, and not just because Jay Bilas is in Kuwait. No, today the news came across: Kordell Stewart could be returning to the NFL, likely with the Ravens again to help with the injury to Kyle Boller. This is fantastic news, because, as the old maxim goes, Nobody Denies They're Gay Like Kordell… » 9/13/05 11:42am 9/13/05 11:42am