Ty Detmer Says Koy Detmer Faked An Injury So Philly Could Put Him On IR

Remember Ty and Koy Detmer, the quarterback brothers? Ty bounced around as a backup, while Koy largely hung on with the Eagles, also mostly as a backup. In 1997, when Koy was a rookie, the brothers were on the same Philly squad. As training camp wound down, the team needed to trim the roster, but wanted to keep Koy.… » 11/12/14 3:07pm 11/12/14 3:07pm

Freddie Mitchell Says McNabb Should Have Been Benched. In The Super…

Memories get hazy with time. For example, FredEx thinks he was once a real NFL player. He also thinks Mike Shanahan has the right idea, and Andy Reid should have sat McNabb down in the most important game of their lives. » 11/03/10 11:30am 11/03/10 11:30am

The Detmer-Favre Rivalry Continues

The Vikings just signed Koy Detmer, and he very well might play this weekend against the Packers. I Dislike Your Favorite Team brings back this video of the last time Detmer and Brett Favre faced off. » 11/07/07 3:00pm 11/07/07 3:00pm