Greg Hardy's Dedicated To Being "Kraken"

We've previously highlighted Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy and his tendency to dub himself "Kraken," but maybe we didn't realize the two might be overlapping personalities. Kraken's apparently not as disposable as one of Clinton Portis's alter egos. » 1/12/14 11:30am 1/12/14 11:30am

Greg Hardy's Explanation For "Kraken From Hogwarts" Clears Up Nothing

On Sunday Night Football, Panthers DE Greg Hardy introduced himself as "Kraken" and said his alma mater is Hogwarts. Surely that's crazy talk. But after reading Hardy's explanation, perhaps we were the crazy ones all along. » 12/10/13 4:47pm 12/10/13 4:47pm

Greg Hardy Is "Kraken," And He Went To Hogwarts

Donning sunglasses, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy said his name was "Kraken" and that he attended Hogwarts during SNF's player intros. But the nickname wasn't totally random. » 12/08/13 9:27pm 12/08/13 9:27pm