Willie Mitchell Uses Kris Letang's Helmet Against Him In Fight

Florida Panthers captain Willie Mitchell got tied up with Pittsburgh's Kris Letang, and inexplicably resorted to swinging Letang's own helmet at him. Willie Mitchell's a lawless man. » 12/21/14 11:18am 12/21/14 11:18am

Kris Letang Cross-Checked A Linesman. That's A Suspension...Right?

Between Eric Gryba getting two games for a borderline hit that resulted in injury, and nobody from this Sens-Habs mess being punished, NHL playoff discipline seems even more "spin the wheel" than usual. But shoving an official would seem pretty clear-cut, no? » 5/08/13 11:23am 5/08/13 11:23am

It's Always Bitey In Philadelphia

We're still trying to sort out what went down, but it looks like Kris Letang's hand got a little too close to Scott Hartnell's mouth. He might want to get tested for rabies. » 10/08/09 10:45pm 10/08/09 10:45pm

Kris Letang Beats Off Two Guys, Interviewer Takes Notice

Fox Sports' Dan Potash asks an unfortunate question of Pittsburgh Penguin Kris Letang. It's funny because your mind is in the gutter. [YouTube, via The PensBlog] » 1/29/09 4:15pm 1/29/09 4:15pm