Sony Leak: Will Ferrell As Donald Sterling In A Ruthless People Remake?

One of the oddest revelations in the Sony mega-leak features a pitch to remake the 1986 Danny DeVito film Ruthless People as a take on Donald Sterling, starring Will Ferrell as the former Clippers owner and Melissa McCarthy as his wife Shelly. » 12/12/14 9:10am 12/12/14 9:10am

Jimmy Fallon's Interview With “Michael Jordan” Is Surprisingly Funny

This is the kind of bit that has the potential to be gimmicky and unfunny, but Fallon and Kristen Wiig have the comedic timing that's necessary to make a five-minute interview with "Michael Jordan" worth watching. Also, it's pretty hard not to laugh at that bald cap. » 7/16/13 10:03am 7/16/13 10:03am

Is It OK For A Movie Trailer To Lie? Or, Why Friends With Kids Is…

Last October, a Detroit woman named Sarah Deming filed suit against FilmDistrict for its misleading advertisements for the film Drive. Her claim was that the film's trailers had led her to believe the film was about driving rather than, you know, Ryan Gosling stomping in the orbital bones of various Angeleno… » 3/06/12 5:10pm 3/06/12 5:10pm