They're Still Playing That Crazy-Ass, Everything-At-Once Sport Called Kronum

Hickey went and checked out a new rec league for the fledgling sport-clusterfuck Kronum just outside of Philadelphia over the weekend. "Here's what I ask people," founder Bill Gibson tells the Metro. "Do you listen to your grandparents' music? Well, why are you playing your grandparents' sports?" [Metro] »5/02/11 2:20pm5/02/11 2:20pm


New Sport's Inspiration Seems To Be Every Sport Ever At Once

About a year ago, some people in Philadelphia convened to create a new sport that is part football, part rugby, part soccer, part team handball, part cornhole, part — actually, it's just a sport clusterfuck. They're calling it kronum. Some of the athleticism on display in this promotional video for the sport is… »4/08/11 12:10pm4/08/11 12:10pm