NHL Fighters Find Way Around New Helmet Rule: Help Each Other Out!

Among the new NHL rules this season, fighters are no longer allowed to take their helmets off, under penalty of an additional two-minute minor. It's officially about safety, and also likely an incremental step in cracking down on the practice of fighting itself. It took all of two preseason games for players to find… »9/20/13 10:43am9/20/13 10:43am


A Confusing NHL Racial Controversy Gets Muddier, As Banana Reference Nets A One-Game Suspension

We thought this one was going to be cut-and-dried. We thought Krys Barch said something hateful and racist and unacceptable to P.K. Subban, and the NHL would come down with all its disciplinary might to show that there's no place for racism in hockey, and then we'd all move on. Naturally, nothing's that easy. »1/05/12 3:10pm1/05/12 3:10pm