Testimony: Kurt Busch Ex Terrible At Keeping Assassin Gig On The Downlow

Remember that crazy-sounding testimony from NASCAR driver Kurt Busch's domestic assault protective order hearing that stated that ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll is a trained assassin? Busch and several others backed up that story this week in court, with Kurt referencing specific "missions" where he claimed Driscoll… » 1/14/15 9:00am 1/14/15 9:00am

Kurt Busch's Testimony: My Ex-Girlfriend Is A Trained Assassin 

Back in November, Kurt Busch's ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll accused him of smashing her head into a motorhome wall three times, and filed for a protection order. The first two days of a hearing regarding the order were held in Kent County (Del.) Family Court in December. According to ESPN, Driscoll testified that… » 1/13/15 11:14pm 1/13/15 11:14pm

Kurt Busch Compares A Rough Night On The Track To "Premature…

It wasn't a good night for resident NASCAR idiot Kurt Busch at the Prelude to the Dream, an annual dirt-track charity race that costs $25 on pay-per-view. Busch, who is already suspended from this weekend's race at Pocono Raceway for threatening to beat up a Sporting News reporter last Saturday, ran into some car… » 6/07/12 9:15am 6/07/12 9:15am