Don't Trust The "New Kurt Cobain Album"

On November 6, Brett Morgen, director of the recent Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck, will aid in the release of a new Kurt Cobain album, to coincide with the DVD release of the film. For some fans, any new Cobain content, no matter how craven, is an exciting development. But let’s not pretend it’s anything… »8/13/15 2:56pm8/13/15 2:56pm


You Didn't Kill Amy Winehouse, But You Didn't Save Her, Either

The cool thing about posthumous tragic-rock-star documentaries is the fresh insight from old friends and still-smitten fans and sheepish surviving accomplices, the raw intimacy of the childhood home movies and illicit backstage footage, the cheesy vintage TV appearances, the nerd arcana, and most of all the… »7/06/15 12:41pm7/06/15 12:41pm