Chris Culliver Was Asked Almost 100 Questions Today About His Anti-Gay-Teammate Comments

The past week in sports has been so gay! We've had Manti Te'o saying he's "far from" gay last Thursday; we've had Ronaiah Tuiasosopo claiming he's trying to recover from his gayness (good luck with that, champ); we've had that SI photo of the two 49ers fan-dudes making out at a gay bar; we've had an ex-49er being… »1/31/13 5:59pm1/31/13 5:59pm


Former 49ers First-Round Pick In Court For Allegedly Beating Up His Ex-Boyfriend After Underwear Dispute

Well, this is awkward! Former 49ers and Raiders offensive lineman Kwame Harris now joins a pretty amazingly short list of former NFL players who we know to have been involved in a gay relationship. Welcome aboard! Not the best way of putting the news out, though: Today, the San Mateo Daily Journal reports that Harris… »1/28/13 4:55pm1/28/13 4:55pm