Meet Kyle Lowry. He's Very Good (And Probably Not A Giant Asshole).

NBA fans have known for a while that Kyle Lowry is pretty damn good. But that respect was an abstract one: Lowry's value was an acknowledged fact, if not one with specific dimensions. He's good, but why? He plays in a far away land, is never on national TV and has made more headlines for the trade rumors he's been a… »5/04/14 12:34pm5/04/14 12:34pm

Kyle Lowry Abuses Deron Williams, Gets His Signature Highlight

You wouldn't be blamed for not knowing a whole lot about Kyle Lowry before this year. He's a 28-year-old point guard who's averaged 11 points and five assists per game throughout his career, and who has toiled away in relative obscurity in Memphis, Houston, and now Toronto. This year, he became the guy you knew was… »5/01/14 10:03am5/01/14 10:03am

Kyle Lowry Gets Boned By Terrible Foul Call, Runs Right Off The Court

Some serious bullshit went down at the end of last night's Raptors-Kings game. With 28 seconds remaining and the Raptors down by six, Kyle Lowry hit an incredible three-point shot that was inexplicably waved off by a referee who thought Lowry kicked his leg into the oncoming defender as he went up for the shot. Lowry… »2/06/14 10:33am2/06/14 10:33am

Report: Knicks Might Try Drafting In The First Round For Once

When the reports started coming down yesterday that the Knicks were seeking Kyle Lowry from the Raptors in exchange for a package including a 2018 first-rounder, it sounded eminently logical. Not in the "that's a smart move" sense, but in the "of course the Knicks are going to give up on a draft that's five years… »12/13/13 11:27am12/13/13 11:27am