Klay Thompson Dunk Sends Kyle Singler Stumbling Into Crowd

There are better dunks and worse posterizations than this Thompson-Singler affair, but Singler's exit makes this fantastic. Despite his efforts to remain upright, he stumbles back for what feels like forever, until he runs into the cameraman. It's at this point that he gives in to momentum and just plunges into the… » 2/24/14 11:10pm 2/24/14 11:10pm

A List Of People To Whom The Internet Has Compared Kyle Singler

Some comparisons, culled from the Internet in advance of Kyle Singler's being drafted approximately one round too early tomorrow. Sic'd: » 6/22/11 10:52am 6/22/11 10:52am

Breaking: Duke Basketball Player Does Something Tolerable

Kyle Singler is probably the least-grating Duke "star" of all time because—as this video shows—he's a goofball. Like if Lennie from Of Mice and Men played college basketball. » 11/15/10 1:20pm 11/15/10 1:20pm